We make complex medication safety simple

solutions_home_rgbAt ScopiaRx we make complex medication safety simple. Whether a patient takes 5, 10, or 20 medications, ScopiaRx helps to maximize safety and tolerability.

Patients are routinely prescribed 10, 15, and even 20 medications
without a thorough evaluation of drug safety. Although a multitude of causes within a complex medical system account for this failure, one important cause is simple. Physicians and pharmacists do not have the tools to optimize medication safety in the short amount of time that they have with a patient.

Technology Overview

ScopiaRx software provides personalized medication safety information for patients taking multiple medications. Using a proprietary database derived from FDA approved documents, our polypharmacy algorithm produces concise and personalized drug safety reports in less than a second.

  • Personalized medication safety: ScopiaRx only reports the alerts that are relevant to a specific patient’s clinical characteristics.
  • After market case reports: ScopiaRx’s unique database includes a careful application of aftermarket drug safety data from millions of reports.
  • Composite alert technology: ScopiaRx summarizes the potential for an adverse affect so that a provider does not need to review large numbers of individual alerts for multiple medications.
  • Decision support technology: The scopiaRx algorithm powers medication selection tools to facilitate selection of the safest and most cost effective medication.


ScopiaRx embeds its proprietary algorithm within three major products:

  1. Web based application for health care providers
  2. Population analytics software to identify members at risk from multiple medications
  3. Application Program Interface (API) for electronic medical record system integration