ScopiaRx for Accountable Care Organizations

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Patient Safety as a Top Priority

Value based care requires patient safety to be a top priority. But improving safety is one of the major challenges facing ACO’s who are now looking to innovative software tools to deliver better care.

Focusing on the Complex Cases

The financial success of ACO’s will likely depend on improving care for high-risk Medicare beneficiaries. These 12 million patients represent 25% of the Medicare population but account for 85% of Medicare spending. One major safety risk is that they frequently take more than 5 medications.

Be Safe with Medications

The failure to properly manage medications undermines the quality of ACO’s.

  • 30% of hospitalizations are related to drug problems.
  • Polypharmacy leads to low adherence & treatment failures.

The ScopiaRx Solution

ACOs need improved capabilities to evaluate the risks of polypharmacy. We developed them. The ScopiaRx drug safety database and polypharmacy algorithm was designed with the explicit goal of summarizing safety information for 3 to 20 medications.

ScopiaRx Analytics identifies patients at risk of injury from complex mixtures of medications and prevent…

  • falls
  • serious bleeding
  • kidney injury
  • & other serious events

Use ScopiaRx analytics to screen your population of patients before they end up in the emergency room….

The ScopiaRx Difference

  1. Proprietary drug-disease database of FDA-approved information with thousands of interactions.
  2. Personalized drug risk summaries specific to a patient’s demographics, lifestyle, clinical history, and medication profile.
  3. Incorporation of millions of FDA aftermarket case reports in the personalized reports to educate providers about the latest potential risks.

Cost Saving Opportunities

The ScopiaRx solution can help providers reduce costly hospitalizations and emergency room visits including drug related catastrophic events. ScopiaRx personalized medication safety reports shine the light on high drug utilization that naturally leads to less prescribing, better health and lower drug costs.