Patient Safety is a Top Priority for Value Based Care.

America’s other drug problem: Giving the elderly too many prescriptions (Kaiser Health News, 2016).

A readmission can more than double the episode cost.

Increase Competitiveness for Value-Based Contracts with ACOs

Hospital discharge: It’s one of the most dangerous periods for patients (Washington Post, 4/29/16).

“The most risky transition is from hospital to home with the additional need for home care services, and that’s the one we know the least about.” Alicia Arbaje, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Medication mistakes are one of the most common complications for discharged patients. The federal government views them as “a major patient safety and public health issue,” and a Kaiser Health News analysis of government records shows such errors are frequently missed by home health agencies.

Between January 2010 and July 2015, 3,016 home health agencies — nearly a quarter of all those examined by Medicare —had inadequately reviewed or tracked medications for new patients. In some cases, nurses failed to realize that patients were taking potentially dangerous combinations of drugs, risking abnormal heart rhythms, bleeding, kidney damage and seizures.

Enhance the Patient and Family Experience

  • decrease emergency room visits
  • decrease hospitalizations
  • decrease out of pocket drug costs
  • improve patient quality of life and wellbeing

The ScopiaRx Solution

The ScopiaRx drug safety database and polypharmacy algorithm was designed with the explicit goal of summarizing safety information for up to 30 medications.

The ScopiaRx personalized safety assessments identify patients at risk of injury from complex mixtures of medications and prevent…

  • falls
  • serious bleeding
  • kidney injury
  • numerous other side effects that reduce the quality of life