for Retail Pharmacies

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through patient engagement.

The MTM Challenge:

The opportunities for pharmacist-provided MTM services are growing. Forty-nine percent of MTM providers surveyed reported a moderate or significant increase in MTM activity from 2010 to 2012. A major barrier to providing MTM services is limited pharmacist time. Fifty-eight percent of patients 65 years and older are taking five or more medications. Most pharmacists don’t have the time to prepare a Comprehensive Medication Review for such complex cases.

Increased MTM Activity and Revenue

The ScopiaRx report provides the pharmacist with personalized medication alerts, greatly reducing the time to prepare for a medication counseling session.

Improve Patient Loyalty

  • The value of medication review services is increasingly being recognized by patients and patient advocates.
  • Two primary concerns are the potential dangers of polypharmacy (use of 5 or more medications) and adverse drug events.
  • The ScopiaRx report allows the pharmacist to address these concerns with confidence.
  • Face to Face interactions associated with MTM activities builds loyalty and reinforces the value of speaking directly with a pharmacist.

Partnering with ScopiaRx

Please email for more information about how your organization can assist Home Health Care and ACOs in the delivery of value-based medication management.